A Plank in the Finger

Someone decided to rehang a mirror in the dining room, even though it had been on the floor hurting nobody for years. While moving it in place, someone got a splinter. I used to get splinters when I was young. My pediatrician thought it was cute – it’s a rite of passage. He would remove … Read more

Surgery Questions

Most people have some important questions when a doctor recommends surgery. Questions like: Is is covered by my insurance? How long is the recovery period? Will it hurt? Will I still be able to play the piano? Luckily, when you’re a SuperKlutz, there is only one question: Will it interfere with the physical therapy from … Read more

Can I Borrow Your Appointment?

Virginia decided to go to my checkup with me one morning, and managed to trip and fall down the stair in the garage. The stair. Not “the stairs”, like normal people. Now, we had me and the limping partner. So, when we got to the doctor, we just said, “Yes, it’s my appointment, but she … Read more


So, I’ve heard a lot of stories about my childhood from my Mom lately. I’ve been thinking about growing up and a lot of the activities of a young man. I even redid the Stagecoach 7 website yesterday evening. But, I never thought I would flash back to the early 60’s this afternoon. I did. … Read more