Planet Xriva

PlanetXriva is my visual travelogue. My name is Kevin, but xriva is a much better name for the Internet. (Visit to find the origin of the term xriva.)

You can see the various cities, train stations and cruise ports I’ve visited over the years. I’ve found that is a great way to track where you’ve been (or where you’re going.) Keep a log and you can import it into the maps when you get home. (I usually build a spreadsheet of GPS readings while I’m on the road. These maps are much simpler, since they’re just cities.)

In the updating of the pages, I found the RV routes I started building, for the three months while we were planning to sell the house and get an RV. (We should have done it.)

PlanetXriva started as a mapping project, which it still is (mainly), but it spawned a site to plot my cruises, another to plot my family (well, anyone with the same last name), and various blog entries that I really need to collect some day. It’s also the mail address I used for all my travel-related stuff.

The first (main) map is of all the airports I have visited – or at least, the ones that I recall visiting. When I was AAdvantage Platinum and getting upgraded all the time, I did tend to drink a bit more, so I may have missed a couple. The notes are from the original Lotus Notes database that housed all my trips. There are so many places that I’ve decided to start separating them on the maps. Eventually, it will be one huge map with different layers.