I’m not sure when the term “BoogerWillie” was originally coined. I’m pretty sure it was a moment of panic, which is why I don’t have better notes. I’m also pretty sure it was originally directed at my son as a term of endearment (with the added benefit of annoying him.) It was mainly used because at the time, I couldn’t remember his bloody name.

It works great with all the dogs, since they generally respond well to soothing sounds and cookies, and with five dogs in the house (and others in spirit), I will never get a name correctly on the first try, anyway. “BoogerWillie” always works, and it’s a lot shorter than “Bubba. Rip. Murph. Dammit, Flower!”

I haven’t tried it on the Spousal Unit, but I just call her “Ma’am” anyway. Sometimes, “Sweetie” or “Dammit, Ma’am”.

BoogerWillie had a good number of syllables. It’s easy to remember because it’s weird. It’s non-judgemental. It combines two great parts of the South, boogers and Willie, although I don’t think I was thinking about Willie Nelson when I coined the term.

I suppose a bit further east, it would be BoogerElvis, but that’s another website.