Musings about The Kids’ Table

I was originally going to register this domain (actually, it was but that domain was replaced) and give all of my cousins email addresses that I could remember. That never happened. Then, it was going to be a place to have everyone meet – like a virtual conference room. That happened once, and I … Read more

Luanne Castagna

Jack Gulino was my uncle, and was truly loved and admired by my entire family.  As far back as I can remember Jackie, (as I always called him)always had a great big smile on his face.   When him and Trisha got married, I was honored to be a bridesmaid in their wedding.  Jackie was the … Read more

Lizette and David Belloni

I will never forget Jack’s ever present smile. He always greeted people with a smile and made you feel like you were the most important person he would speak to that day. Thank you for being ever faithful to others. We will never forget you.

The Duncan Family

You were such an inspiration to our family Deacon Jack and we thank you for your friendship & prayers for our family through the years. For many years of sharing faith & fellowship in RCIA, your ACTS times with Jon filled with encouraging words, and you presiding over my mom’s memorial and checking in on … Read more

Cody Serra

I never talked with him other than passing by. I listened to some of his inspiring, down to earth homilies, and felt his heart beats. I saw in him the kindness and compassionate ways of a holy Jesus’ servant. I trusted him without ever having a real personal conversation with him. He mirrored so well … Read more

Agata e Rosario Buffa (Palermo)

We met Jack and Trish many years ago, when they came to Palermo (Italy) to meet Jack’s Sicilian family: he wanted to know its origins and relatives in Sicily (we were his cousins). At once we realized that Jack was a special person: his face expressed joy and his eyes were full of love for … Read more

Lee Cunningham

For several years, I had the opportunity to work with Jack and his group in Richardson. Whenever I would visit Jack’s office, he was welcoming, good-humored, enthusiastic, and straight-forward. His group respected his leadership, but they also looked up to and liked him as a person. So did I. 

Denise Cason

I was so saddened to hear this – I went through RCIA when Jack and his wife were sponsors and helpers. Such a loss for our parish. I pray that his family is comforted during this difficult time. 

Anne Tran

We moved here in May 2006 when I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter. Shortly after that, my husband and I attended the baptism class taught by Deacon Jack and liked him very much. My daughter Dorothea, who was born in June 2006 (baptized by Deacon Bill) also has involved in children’s activities at the … Read more