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Unfiltered Thoughts are random and sporadic tirades occasional, reasoned discussions about whatever is bothering me at the moment. It is also the final resting place for some of my previous blogs. It is also a better marketing term than “Unorganized Thoughts”, which is more accurate.

This means there is no guarantee of regularity or quality in posts. My apologies in advance for anyone offended, but if you know me, nothing here should be surprising. If you don’t know me, yes, I’m really like this, and I’m actually surprised you weren’t warned.

You will notice by the content that I tend to pick up and drop hobbies on a regular basis. So it goes.

I moved many of my other websites (as opposed to blogs) here, which I finally just added into this site to save costs (and so everything was in one place.) So, if you think this place is cluttered, you are correct. On the bright side, there will be something for everyone. Well, almost everyone. Well, people who understand me. OK, it’s just a dumping ground so I don’t lose things.

Me? I am Kevin John Gilhooly, and I approved this message.

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