Sports Marketing

I don’t understand sports marketing, specifically the AirHogs. They changed mascots this year, from Ace Bacon (a fighter pilot pig) to Scout, a blob that’s supposed to be a fighter pilot pig. Apparently, a realistic fighter pilot pig scared children. WTF? Scout looks like Dodger, the Ft Worth Cats old mascot. Allegedly, it’s the same … Read more

Baseball for Baseball’s Sake

I’m becoming an old fart. Some will say I’m already there. Specifically, I’m an old fart baseball fan. They’re the worst kind, actually. You would think the most annoying part of a baseball game to an old fart baseball fan would be the umpires. You would be incorrect. The most annoying aspect is other fans. … Read more

First Game

The AirHogs dropped the first game of the season to Winnipeg last night. It was a close game, with good pitching and decent offense – the AirHogs need to put some hits together. The best part of baseball is that they can try again tonight. Plus, El Paso has already lost two games, so we’re … Read more

Season Tickets … At last

Things not to do ever again: Never leave town for two weeks vacation just before the start of baseball season. Never have multiple deaths in the family at the beginning of a year (or anytime, really.) Never change managers at work just as you’re trying to figure out if you made the right career choice … Read more