Moral Victories

Moral victories don’t count in the statistics, which is unfortunate, but they are a beautiful moment in time when they happen.  Last night, the AirHogs lost to the Larado Lemurs 12-11 in twelve innings. However, they were left for dead by the end of the seventh – mainly due to the constantly moving strike zone … Read more

Time to think

Attendance seems lower at the AirHogs games this year – not a lot, but noticeable. Part of the issue is their schedule sucks – the season started with a three-game home stand and then they left town for ten days. Not exactly a momentum builder.  Perhaps the reason baseball is being touted as “going away” … Read more

Sports Marketing

I don’t understand sports marketing, specifically the AirHogs. They changed mascots this year, from Ace Bacon (a fighter pilot pig) to Scout, a blob that’s supposed to be a fighter pilot pig. Apparently, a realistic fighter pilot pig scared children. WTF? Scout looks like Dodger, the Ft Worth Cats old mascot. Allegedly, it’s the same … Read more

Season Tickets … At last

Things not to do ever again: Never leave town for two weeks vacation just before the start of baseball season. Never have multiple deaths in the family at the beginning of a year (or anytime, really.) Never change managers at work just as you’re trying to figure out if you made the right career choice … Read more