First Game

The AirHogs dropped the first game of the season to Winnipeg last night. It was a close game, with good pitching and decent offense – the AirHogs need to put some hits together. The best part of baseball is that they can try again tonight. Plus, El Paso has already lost two games, so we’re … Read more

Random (Again)

With the heat wave we’re under, the stream of consciousness is almost dry, but here’s some thoughts from the past week. First, thank you to whomever first said “The heat hasn’t been this bad in Dallas since the NBA playoffs.” It’s not baseball, but it will annoy a few people I know from Miami. Random … Read more

Statistically Significant

Earlier this week, I mentioned the AirHogs’ second baseman, David Espinosa, had dyed his hair and beard and created a FauxHawk just to change things up. Apparently, it’s working, even if the FauxHawk has recently collapsed. Prior to his video-documented Just for Men treatment, David had hit 2 HRs in 259 at-bats. (He is leading … Read more

Hairy Moments

Sometimes, a team has a slump. It’s usually a number of unfortunate occurrences simultaneously. Luckily, there is a time-proven method to busting a slump. All you do is change things up. The beauty of that statement is that “things” can be almost anything. However, it usually is follicle-related for some reason. Last year, our (former) … Read more