Tiny Weekend

It’s time for another Getaway. After binging on Tiny House Hunters (“I need a 100 square foot house with a tub, a chef’s kitchen and a tanning bed”), Virginia had declared she would never live in one and I had declared I thought it was a good idea. Then, we realized we could never own a tiny house because we don’t have any family or friends close by where we could mooch off their land, power and water.

So, much like our earlier RV weekend experiment, we decided to rent one. Amazingly, there are a number of places to rent a tiny house around the Metroplex.

We eventually chose Getaway Dallas which is in LaRue – a few minutes from Athens, in the Piney Woods. So, a tiny house with the possibility of snakes and wild boars. I like Getaway because they have locations all over the place, so if this works, we can travel around for long weekends – and we could visit the Ohio location with the grandkids (one at a time, I would think) to give them a sense of adventure. For a flat fee, you can bring a dog. So, this will be another vacation for Rocky. As a bonus, I’ve always meant to visit Athens. (We’ve been to Paris and Italy, so we need to visit Athens and Dublin. European Vacation without ever leaving the State.)

We were going to do Memorial Day weekend, but they were sold out (you snooze, you lose), so it will be a couple of weeks afterwards. This should be interesting.

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