Texas Rangers. AL Champions.

You can all exhale now. Your Texas Rangers knocked out the New York Yankees last night to win the ALCS, 4-2. Now, at last, they can make their first trip to the World Series.

Alex Rodriguez struck out looking for the final out. So much for “going down swinging.” Since he was the beginning of the bankruptcy of the team (morally and fiscally), it seems fitting that he brought a championship to Texas, simply by watching yet another pitch go whistling by. He wasn’t with the Rangers long enough for us to find out he tends to choke in the post season. The Yankees got to find out, instead. Playing to win tends to crush playing for money eventually.

Perhaps, baseball will get a bit more respect around here – for sportscasters who have been reporting constant Cowboys trivia since before training camp opened, maybe it’s time to cover a team that’s winning. I was heartened to see that one of the local Sunday wrap-up shows was almost 50% baseball last week, which is unheard of during the sacred days of football.

Arlington will host a World Series and a Super Bowl within four months of each other. At least the World Series will have a local team playing.

Congratulations to the Rangers players and organization. It’s been a long time coming. There is one less team on the “never been to the World Series” list this morning.

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