So, thinking of driving up to see the kids in Ohio, and thought, “This would be a good time to rent an RV.”


So, the first one I looked at was CruiseAmerica and it’s about $1500 for a Class C (the smallest RV they have) – which is more than flights and a hotel, possibly much more. There are about 900 miles included in the rental, so by the time we got there, we’d be paying thirty-five cents a mile the rest of the time, and all the way home.

Why is it so expensive to rent an RV? It seems to be one hobby that is very difficult to test-drive.

Part of it may be our needs – the kids are two days away by car (assuming you don’t just drive straight through, and we’re too old for that), so that’s two days back. So, just going up, saying, “Hi” and returning is a four-day rental. I was looking at a nine-day, because we need an extra day to return the unit – we would never get back early enough to turn it in the last day.

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