Dante Stillo

I was one of the many participants in the FISH camp at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton when we helped out Joplin Missouri after the devastating tornado. Throughout the morning of the first day I wasn’t really too involved and into the entire mission trip. In the evenings we would sit down and have small talk with our specific parish. Along the trip Deacon Jack was with us, and on the first night I met him in one of these small talks. I have never felt so welcome and greeted by anyone so friendly. It was so easy to talk to him and it was just an all around great first impression. Throughout all of the nights talks Deacon Jack would really help move conversations and really shine a great light on what truly matters in the world. After meeting him and hearing some of the things he had to say on the first night, I was extremely motivated and excited to help out with everything on the mission trip. On this mission trip i’d like to think I helped out some of the citizens of Joplin Missouri, but in reality because of some of the conversations with Deacon Jack, the Citizens of Joplin Missouri helped me out. Without Deacon Jack the Mission trip would have had such a smaller meaning and a lesser impact. I remember even when I came home from the mission trip, I exclaimed to my mother specifically how great of a person he really was and how much of a positive impact he had on our mission trip.