Super Bowl. Meh.

The Super Bowl is this afternoon – actually, this evening, so it can bleed into prime time. It’s our annual “once in a lifetime” event. A lifetime event that 30/32nds of the universe don’t really care about, because their team isn’t playing. So, why is everyone so whipped up? (Besides the ones who actually went to Vegas or online and have money riding on the outcome.)

The pre-game show is four hours long. The game itself is four hours long. This shows immediately that something is amiss. A football game is one hour in length. So, you expand that by 300% just because it’s on TV? The weekly NFL games are three hours long on TV, but this one is an hour longer. What takes that extra hour? Hmm. Perhaps the commercials are the reason to watch the Super Bowl. Why does it take four hours of pre-game to set the stage? There are only two teams. Are you going to do a biography of each player? Does it really take four hours to remind people who the team with the most points wins?

I don’t get it.

I admit, if I start watching, I will get dragged into it, because there’s just something about watching competition – it’s the same reason people (including me) watch chefs try to make something edible from a mystery basket. But at the same time, it’s a bit silly. One game. For everything. Until next year.

Maybe instead of the pre-game “banter” and “reporting”, they should just re-run last year’s Super Bowl, since nobody remembers who played in it. (Quick! Who won last year? Was it the team in your city? Did you lose money on one of them?) You know who remembers last year? 2/32nds of the universe. And half of them are still pissed.

Enjoy the game. Or the commercials.

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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one, who doesn’t care about it. The NFL is a non-profit organization. Yes, you read that right. For that reason, I want to give them no support, whatsoever. I’m also kinda miffed that the RCA Dome (remember that?) isn’t paid off yet, even though it was demolished to make more room for the convention center. All because the Irsays held the people of central Indiana hostage. We pay and we pay to make the league, the owners and a few players wealthy, even if we don’t want to. I think a lot of them (most?) end up broke a few years after their contracts are up. Most of them don’t make millions/year… $500k/year for 6 years is a lot of money, but it’s not enough money to live like a big shot for 40-60 more years. Only guys like Peyton make enough to be able to blow it and still be rich.


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