Mighty Casey

So, for the second year in a row, Mighty Casey has stuck out. Alex Rodriguez, the former Texas Rangers Captain (not the mascot, the guy with the “C” on his uniform), sent the New York Yankees home last night by striking out to end game five of the ALDS. It’s too bad he was the “only man” on the Rangers team back when he was here, because if he were still a Ranger, he’d still be in the post-season.

Of course, Mighty Casey only saw three pitches. A-Rod went down on a 1-2 pitch.

A-Rod also struck out swinging in the seventh on a 2-2 pitch with the bases loaded, which is probably even more painful. From an offensive standpoint, that’s a lot of people to leave stranded in a critical game.

If he gets a tattoo, it should just say “Offer Expires September 30th.”

I usually don’t wish ill on specific players (well, not many players, anyway), but in his case, I make an exception. (The one advantage of his moving to New York is now he can be a putz. Not as many in Texas know the term. Down here, he was just a piss-ant.)

Last night, it wasn’t wishing ill, it was more of a premonition. We weren’t actually watching the game, we were following along sporadically online while cleaning off the DVR, since the Spousal Unit is convinced watching the game on TV may jinx them. After I looked at the box score and saw he had struck out in the seventh, I said, “Well, at least he won’t be up again.” Then, she said, “No, he’s up in the ninth.”, and read me the batting order. I said “Wow. He’s going to be the final out.” Of course, that required two other people to get out ahead of him, but they complied. To their credit, at least they both hit the ball.

It’s interesting how one player can still cause so much angst years after he is gone. Last night, many of the sportswriters in Dallas were not simply tweeting that the Yankees lost (basic news reporting) but rather how they lost (A-Rod struck out. Again.) Apparently, I was not the only one he failed to charm.

So, the Yankees are done for the year which annoys the Spousal Unit no end, but the Rangers are still in, so we have a reason to watch the rest of the playoffs.

Actually, there’s a reason to watch the playoffs even if the Rangers were out – it’s freakin’ baseball.

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