Kevin’s Pub Dublin would be an actual Irish pub, since it would be in Ireland. It would probably immediately fail, since it would be run by an American, so it’s a good thing I applied for Irish citizenship. Then it can fail, because I’ve never actually run a pub. Once I am an Irish citizen, … Read more


Kevin’s Pub Cozumel would be the one overseas location where my wife would go instantly. Not to the pub, to Cozumel. Cozumel is a port stop on pretty much every Western Caribbean cruise, so it’s easy to get there, even if you’re afraid of flying. We’ve been there a lot. Cozumel is in Mexico, but … Read more


Kevin’s Pub Dallas exists because I live in Dallas, so there has to be one here. It’s interesting, because of most of the towns I have listed as potential locations, it’s the one place outside Ireland and the UK that actually has decent pubs. (Some of the others do, as well. I’ve found Irish Pubs … Read more