Bitch Bitch Bitch

Are sports fans ever happy?

Last year, the AirHogs had a dreadful start to the second half, and everyone was complaining – the players have given up, the manager is panicked, we’ll never win again.

This year, they clinched with almost three weeks to go, and people are finding other things wrong – management isn’t outgoing enough, the free video feeds aren’t good enough, prices are too high.

I really thought if a team was winning, all was forgiven. Apparently not.

I’m trying to figure out what sports fans want – not that I can do anything about it, I’m just interested. There are some who just like baseball, some who like the players, some who go for the community, and some who can’t afford Rangers tickets.

Me? I’d like to watch a game in relative peace with people around me that are actually interested in the game. (If you want to chat about your day, go to the bar). I’d like to be able to hear the sounds of the game, even if they’re not all child-friendly. If someone on my team does something stupid, I would like to react naturally, without being told I’m not supporting the team. I’d like my team to win, but I think I appreciate a good game.

Should a team’s winning make their fans happy? Of course. However, I did a quick study this year, and my life did not appreciably change whether the AirHogs won or lost a game. I would like the other fans to realize that. If your life sucks, 22 young men getting rings isn’t going to help you for any length of time. It’s their victory. I’m not sure it reflects on you, just because you watched them play. Lighten up.

Go AirHogs!

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