The Grand Plan(s)

[googlemaps] I may not always implement, but I do love to plan – especially when mapping is involved. While we never got the RV of our dreams, and we haven’t done a road trip lately, I still have the maps for my planned RV trips. My main goal was to find a route we … Read more


Kevin’s Pub Galveston is by the cruise port, so passengers can have one last drink on land before their beverage package kicks in onboard the ship. Just remember, the rather unique Texas liquor laws means some cruise ship drink packages are limited or don’t start until you’re in International Waters (or sometimes, the first full … Read more


Kevin’s Pub Barcelona is open for all the tourists staggering off a Transatlantic crossing (a repositioning cruise, usually) that don’t want to learn Spanish in order to get a drink. It is also a place to recover from overdosing on all things Catalan. Face it, no matter how much you enjoy the treats of Spain, … Read more


Kevin’s Pub Taipei would be a small pub, with a unique method of gathering potential customers. Taipei hotels have an interesting service that should be universal – when you leave the hotel, and the bellman calls you a cab, he hands you a business card. On one side, is the contact information for the hotel … Read more


Kevin’s Pub Peoria would have to be downtown, in the middle of everything. You could sneak in for a pint after eating lunch on the main square. Hopefully, that will still be a busy place, even with Caterpillar moving their HQ further north. I’ve been in Peoria twice, staying once in the middle of things … Read more

Des Moines

Kevin’s Pub Des Moines would have to be built across the street from (or next door to) a Maid-Rite. Loose Meat Sandwiches and draft beer for the win! I spent a lot of time in Des Moines on a project years ago. Except for the snow, it was an amazing place – and even the … Read more


Kevin’s Pub Budapest was the first location behind the (former) Iron Curtain. It is a city I always wanted to visit, because many of the teachers at my prep school (good ol’ Cistercian Preparatory School in Irving) were actually Hungarian refugees. Once you’ve seen a filmstrip of your Headmaster staring down a Russian tank, you … Read more


Kevin’s Pub Cedarville would be a pop-up location. Actually, it would be more of a speakeasy – hidden inside the hotel. (I can say “the hotel”, since there is only one in town, like “the gas station” and “the pizza place.”) Cedarville, Ohio is the home of Cedarville University, which is where my kids teach. … Read more