The Dead Zone

It’s almost time for AirHogs baseball again. Since the AirHogs clinched their division series in four games, they got a day off while St Paul finished off Winnipeg. Then, they had a travel day yesterday. Tonight, they start the finals in St Paul. Two games there, three games at home with another travel day in between. So, we can watch online tonight, but we won’t see the team in person until Saturday.

It’s been a long time since the team has been home. Because of the rather unique way the playoffs were designed (based on geography, rather than seeding, with the wild card playing the winner in its division), the AirHogs started at home (two games), went to Wichita (two games, including the series winner) and then have just stayed there to see how much further north they were headed for the finals. So, this has been the first road trip all year that had travel days built-in, and it’s also the first road trip that had a day off just because the AirHogs clinched before anyone else.

100 games didn’t seem like much at the beginning of the season, but the beginning of the season now seems like it was a long time ago. This is when you realize that those 100 games (104 with the first round playoff series) were only played so the team could get to this point. Quite a prelude.

You can tell it’s almost time for the end of the baseball season in Texas, because the weather is decent. After 100-degree evenings all summer long, we should have (slightly) cooler temperatures for the finals.

So, five games to go in the season. First team to three wins gets the rings. Go AirHogs!